2face Drags NCDC on Instagram. The music star took to his Instagram page on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, where he called out the organization over its flawed process of COVID-19 testing for travelers.

Nigerian music icon 2Face Idibia dragged the management of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) for frustrating Nigerians trying to travel out of the country.

On the NCDC website it is stated that a pre-boarding COVID-19 PCR test must be done within 96 hours before departure.The NCDC requires travelers to undertake a pre-boarding COVID-19 test [NCDC] Pulse Nigeria

But to the frustration of many including the veteran musician, travelers undertake the COVID-19 testing but fail to get the Quick Response (QR) code which shows their results from the NCDC website, leaving travelers stranded.

On his Instagram Stories, he continued to express frustration at the way and manner the NCDC staff have caused unnecessary hardship for travelers.

“NCDC or whatever portal, you people better wake up. You are causing serious hardship for people travelling. You go dey airport them go say pay one thing…what kind of wickedness is that?” he asked.

“Just imagine Nigerians stranded in the airport because…this is totally unacceptable. It is annoying. This is wickedness.”

Other passengers are seen in 2face’s video expressing their disappointment at the NCDC for causing flight delays.

2face Drags NCDC on Instagram