5 Common S3x Mistakes To Avoid

You don’t need to do a lot to have a great s3x life, but you do need to watch out for these common s3x mistakes.

Most people think of s3x as the penetration part – and that everything else is a sideshow to the main event. But this limited view reduces your options. It creates unnecessary pressure, and it excludes a whole variety of other fun-filled activities.

Having s3x with someone new is always a learning experience, but even lovers who’ve been together a while continue to learn and explore what makes great s3x. No matter how much experience you have, many people are guilty of unknowingly making these little s3x mistakes. Here’s what to look out for:

Not getting tested for STIs

You’d know if you had one, right? Not so fast. Some s3xually transmitted infections (STIs) have mild symptoms or none at all. If you’re s3xually active, talk to your doctor about testing or visit a health clinic.

Using a condom the wrong way

C0ndoms help protect you from STIs and pregnancy, but only if you use them the right way. Only put a c0ndom on an erect, or hard, pen!s. Pinch any air out of the end and roll it all the way down. When you’re finished having s3x, hold the base of the c0ndom and pull it out.

Having ana! s3x to avoid pregnancy

Your chances of getting pregnant from ana! s3x are low, but it’s not impossible. That’s because semen can move from your ana! area to the vag!na. STIs are your main concern, though. Rectal tissue is thin and can tear easily, letting infection in. Use a c0ndom every time you have ana! s3x. And use plenty of lube. C0ndoms are more likely to break during anal s3x because there’s less natural lubrication.

Not using c0ndoms because you’re symptom-free

You or your partner can have no symptoms and still have an STI. This means you can infect each other. Always use a c0ndom during s3x and get tested regularly for STIs.

Douching to stop pregnancy

Douching, or cleaning your vag!na with water or a special solution, doesn’t protect you from pregnancy or an STI. In fact, it can spread an infection to other parts of the reproductive system like your uterus and fallopian tubes. Your vagina cleans itself.

5 Common S3x Mistakes To Avoid