5 Marriage Tips That Will Never Fail You

While those words you spoke and the promises you made before God and man are great, what is more important is your ability to actually live by them for life.

After all you promised to love and cherish and make her happy till death does you part!

So in an age of increasing failed marriages and marital vows that seem to not mean much to husbands, how can you be the best to your wife?

The answer to that can be found in this instructive, beautiful thread posted on Twitter by AJ Morgan [@ajeromorgan]. The user has been married for 15 impressive years, and on October 3, 2018 when his marriage hit that wonderful number, he decides to share five major secrets to making a wife happy and keeping a marriage together.

Those 5 marriage tips that will never fail you are now listed below:

“When you marry one woman, expect to live with 3 women: [First,] the woman you think she is; [second,] the woman she is… and [three,] the woman she’s going to become as a result of being married to you.

“The third one is up to you.”

“Your woman does not really need you to do the ‘big’ things to satisfy her. Seemingly ‘little things’ like hugging her, kissing her on the forehead, telling her you love her, noticing her new hairstyle, sitting with her in the kitchen makes her feel so loved and valued.”

“Don’t ‘demand’ respect from your woman. Respect her and her values first and let it show in your words and actions.

“What you continuously pour on her is what she’ll eventually become to you. Be genuine but be visionary also. It’ll help her to trust you more and follow you.”

“The most ‘expensive’ sex is ‘free’ sex. Stop valuing a side chic because she costs you more money.

“That’s called irrational behavioral tendency in marketing. What your woman gives you for free at home is the most expensive. So Invest in it. That’s wisdom for long life.”

“Build your relationships and family on a foundation of love and reverence for God. The prosperity and grace to sustain a happy marriage comes from Him. It’s not by power or might.”

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5 Marriage Tips That Will Never Fail You