Broda Shaggi Features Nengi As Bread Hawker(See Photos). Nigerian Comedian Broda Shaggi Features Nengi as Bread Hawker in new Comedy Skit.

Popular Instagram comedian turned actor, Broda Shaggi got fans rolling on the floor with laughter after he released photos of Big Brother Naija Lockdown star, Nengi selling bread on the street.

The photos were taken during one of his skits were he featured the reality star as a bread hawker.

In the photos, Nengi was seen carrying a wooden tray of Agege breads with funny make up on her face.

Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate, Nengi recently took up the role of a bread seller in a new skit alongside popular social media made comedian, Broda Shaggi.

This comes as Broda Shaggi took to his IG account to share photos from the video of the comedy skit.

The photos showed Nengi dressed as a typical Lagos bread seller in an exchange with a bus conductor.

Broda Shaggi while sharing the photos captioned it ” I don finally find my new love @nengiofficial .”

Broda Shaggi Features Nengi As Bread Hawker(See Photos)
Broda Shaggi Features Nengi As Bread Hawker(See Photos)
Broda Shaggi Features Nengi As Bread Hawker(See Photos)

Before the ‘Broda Shaggi’ character, he had different characters like Akanni Ibadan, Professor Dele, Inspector Perry, but the ‘Broda Shaggi’ character was way more successful than the previous characters so he decided to stick with it.

The inspiration for the ‘Broda Shaggi’ character came in December 2017, when he went to repair his car and some louts came around and displayed a little madness and he found it funny, admired it, and decided to build a character around that.

After much consideration for a perfect name to suit the new vibrant, arrogant, and typical Lagos agbero character, he randomly came up with the name ‘Broda Shaggi’.

His major breakthrough came after the release of the video ‘Jesus In Mushin‘ and the video spread like wildfire across the Nigerian internet space.

He is currently among the ‘Top Ten Nigerian Instagram Comedians‘ and according to him, the skits inspiration comes at different times and different places, sometimes in the toilet, sometimes in his car, sometimes just after waking up.

Broda Shaggi Features Nengi As Bread Hawker(See Photos)