Burna Boy Speaks About His Grammy

Burna Boy discusses his humble beginnings, his journey and Grammy Award win on the cover of British GQ.

Born Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, Grammy Award-winning Afro-fusion artist, Burna Boy is on the cover of British GQ

In the interview, he discusses his humble beginnings in Port Harcourt.

From growing up around a predominantly musical environment to watching the Grammy Awards, knowing that someday somehow he would win the award himself.

The interview takes us on a journey into Burna’s past, his evolution from his time in London and moving back to Nigeria.

The interview mentions ‘Ye’ as his breakout song and how he was nominated in 2020 for his album ‘African Giant’; even though he lost to Angelique Kidjo, the Beninese singer.

No doubt Burna Boy made Nigeria proud with his Grammy win. He was given a grand welcome in his hometown of Port Harcourt afterwards.

What makes Burna Boy a unique artist is how distinct and yet incredibly African he sounds; that is how he became the first solo Nigerian artist to win a Grammy.

He tells GQ that his win, is one for Africa, as he is breaking whatever mental limitation that might have existed in our collective mentalities as a result of oppression, making Africans realize it is possible.

“I realize that things are bigger than me. I have to think for a whole generation,” he says.

The interview discusses how the political climate of Nigeria influences his music.

His win is pivotal as it came at a time where Africans are making giant strides and breaking grounds in movies, music and entertainment.

Styled by his sister Ronami Ogulu, He wears a Louis Vuitton suit for the cover.

He also spots a round-neck shirt from BossDeola Sagoe pants and Givenchy shoes

Burna Boy Speaks About His Grammy