Checkout Obi Cubana Dazzling N50M Customized Diamond Pendant. Igbo billionaire businessman and club owner, Obi Cubana has splashed huge money for an expensive diamond pendant in honor of his late mother.

The billionaire entrepreneur have been trending on social media .

This occur after following the 300 cows he received from friends ahead of his mother’s burial.

According to his jeweler, Obi Cubana paid $100K for the diamond pendent made for him in commemoration of his late mother.

The diamond pendant have the face of Obi Cubana’s late mother on it.

Checkout Obi Cubana Dazzling N50M Customized Diamond Pendant

Sharing photo of the luxurious jewelry on his Instagram page, the jeweler wrote;

“@obi_cubana asked me “I want something special to commemorate my mum what can my 100k$ do for me” told him Say no more big bro #justaskobi,”

Checkout Obi Cubana Dazzling N50M Customized Diamond Pendant

“My mum’s burial will make some people hungry to die”

Nightclub owner, Obi Iyiegbu, aka Obi Cubana, has claimed that the opulence with which he buried his late mother, will “make people hungry for death”.

Cubana laid his mother to rest on Friday in Oba, Anambra, in an event that went viral on social media.

Many celebrities, business people and politicians turned out in large numbers for the funeral.

Videos from the occasion showed some of them spraying thick wads of Naira and foreign currencies, in addition to the drinks and cows that were donated to Cubana prior.

The nightclub boss also bought a diamond chain and pendant from popular jeweller, Efobi Stephen, which had his late mother’s face engraved on it. Stephen stated that Iyiegbu asked him to make a chain worth $100,000.

Socialist, Pretty Mike, has now claimed Obi Cubana had been planning the burial ceremony for his mother for a long time.

Via his Insta stories, Pretty Mike wrote, ”I remember when Obi’s wife’s father died some months back. We came for the burial.

It was nothing short of a carnival. I asked him so why wait till July to bury your mum.

He said let’s keep her on ice for now. She has to go out gloriously, she deserves it.

I said bros stop being humble. He replied “after my mama burial ceremony, to die go dey hungry some people… Today I understand.”

Checkout Obi Cubana Dazzling N50M Customized Diamond Pendant