Cristiano Ronaldo Flaunts Abs

Aged 36,  Cristiano Ronaldo is not letting go of his ripped physique and has shown it off to his 276 million Instagram followers.

Posting his latest selfie on Instagram, Ronaldo relaxed topless in a sauna, while his eyes were closed and his abdominal muscles on show for all to see.

Ronaldo  wrote “Kaizen” on the photo – which means ‘improvement’ in Japanese.

The photo comes after Ronaldo was slammed by former Italy star Luca Toni for throwing his jersey away at the end of the game with Genoa on Sunday.

Juve won the game 3-1 but Ronaldo failed to score.

He took off his top and angrily threw it aside and he then reportedly punched a wall on the dressing room.

Ex-Italy frontman Toni slammed Ronaldo’s attitude.

He told Tuttosport: “He is a very important player for Juventus, he is the top scorer in the league, he is scoring a lot.

“But some of his attitudes towards the group drive me crazy.

“I think back to when I was playing: I was very selfish and if I didn’t score I would still remain on the pitch to cheer. I bore the disappointment and kept it inside me.

“Because regardless of whether it was a coincidence or not, you don’t throw the shirt, you deliver it.

“Sometimes a great champion has to lead by example.”

Cristiano Ronaldo Flaunts Abs