God Is Alive: Masquerades Kneels for Pray from Pastor

A viral photo of 3 masquerades paraded before a pastor to pray them, has generated mixed reactions among social media users.

It is not clear if the masquerades asked to be prayed for or the pastor saw them and accosted them and preached to them. But in the photos the masquerades could be seen in sober mood as the man assumed to be a cleric laid hands on them during prayer

Nigerians have however come up with their various thoughts on the rather bizarre photo as it is considered a rare occasion to see masqueraders succumbing to pastors.

See reactions below:

*** Highest level of foolishness as displayed by the masquerade carriers. It’s an inferiority complex that makes them feel the pastor is better.

*** You forgot say na naija you dey, àbí? Even winch(killers) for naija get diehard supporters. E shock you!?

*** He may have preached the gospel and praying for the new converts to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour.

*** He is not a Pastor just acting Be not be equally yoked… Very definitive and with distinct clarity

*** In nigeria, anything is possible. In fact two things are either involved here. 1. The man of God must have offered them money to give their life to christ. 2. It might be one of the displays of this so called god of men who are ready to do anything to increase their folds for more money

God Is Alive: Masquerades Kneels for Pray from Pastor