“He Didn’t Last 5 seconds” – BBNaija Ka3na Exposes Praise (video). Big Brother Naija reunion aired last night, have gotten lots of people talking after some of the reality stars gave shocking details of their intimate moments in the house.

Self acclaimed boss lady Ka3na revealed and confirmed that she and co-star Praise had s3x during their time in the BBNaija.

However, Ka3na expressed her disappointment as she revealed that Praise did not last up to 5 second during their coupling.

“I pulled him to my bed and F***ked him because he told my girls that he can never have anything to do with Ka3na.” She narrated.

Ka3na also accused Praise of bragging to her friends that he can’t date someone like her.

She added that Praise wanted to use Lucy and make her jealous.

“He also came to meet me in my hotel, he waited for Ozo to leave, then he still tried to get down with me in order to redeem his last performance unfortunately, he didnt last a second.”

He tried to use Lucy to make me Jealous, but how can you make a Boss Lady jealous.

"He Didn't Last 5 seconds" – BBNaija Ka3na Exposes Praise (video)

I f**ked him, I used him, he didn’t last 5 seconds, I couldn’t stand him and I don’t date men like him.

He Didn’t Last 5 seconds – BBNaija Ka3na Exposes Praise (video)