Man Claims He Woke Up Having a Female Sex Organs. The story of a man who claims to have gone to bed as a man but woke up with female s3x organs is trending.

Man claims he woke up with female sex organs a day after breaking up with his girlfriend (video)

According to him, he broke up with his girlfriend after a misunderstanding and woke up the next day as a woman.

“I slept as a man and woke up a woman just one day after a breakup,” the man told Afrimax English.

He narrated that he was born male and went to bed with a male organ on the night of the breakup only to wake up feeling unusual.

He said he checked himself and saw that he had developed female s3x organ alongside his male s3x organ, but the female one was ”active” and the male one wasn’t.

He went on to recount how he raised alarm and some fetish priests were summoned to enquire about the development before he was informed that he had been ”bewitched” by his ex-lover.

He alleged that his former lover has confessed to changing him to a woman in retaliation for cancelling their wedding.

The man now lives as a woman, dresses like one and uses makeup.

He is now married to a man who constantly fears he might just ”return to his original state one day.”

He added that although he lives in an anti-LGBTQ community, members of the community do not discriminate against him because they know about his situation.

Man Claims He Woke Up Having a Female S3X Organs