Nigeria Cannot Afford Another War: Osinbajo. Vice President, has said that Nigeria cannot experience another war as everyone will suffer from it.

Speaking at an interactive forum of All Progressives Congress (APC) Anambra governorship aspirants, organized by the state chapter of APC Patriots in Abuja, the Vice President said 

“The thing about the kind of conflict in this part of the world, developing countries, is that it is usually a war without end. 

Everyone who thinks he has some money saved up somewhere will eventually run out of money.

Everyone who think he can go and hide somewhere, won`t even find a place to hide, at the end, everyone will suffer. 

if you don’t suffer, parents, children, young and old people and relations will suffer. We cannot afford a war in this country, we can`t afford it”.

Speaking further, he said

At the end of the day, it is the political elite that determine what happens in every society, keeping quite could lead to a more dangerous situation” he said

“I pray that our country will never know conflict, but I know that every conflict is as a result of elite failure to speak up the truth and tell the truth to their communities. 

Nigeria Cannot Afford Another War: Osinbajo