Peter Okoye Claims He’s Making More Money As A Solo Artist. He made this known during a recent interview with HipTV. According to him, he no longer has to split his earnings.

Nigerian singer and member of the defunct music group, Psquare, Peter Okoye has revealed how he has been making more money since becoming a solo artist.

“Hundred percent, I am. I don’t have to share three ways. Call it greed or selfishness. It’s your own cup of tea. I share with nobody. Yes, my management and my team. Fine. But I’m doing my own thing. I’m freer,” he said.

He also disclosed that he now enjoys his liberty.

“I’m making more money. Freedom is key. I can get a call that there’s a show next week and it’s my daughter’s birthday. I can say, ‘cancel it’. As a group, I couldn’t do that. Moneywise, if I used to share three ways, I share alone,” he added.

The Okoye brothers have been at loggerheads with each other since 2017 and it is safe to say it has been one of the biggest celebrity fights recorded in the Nigerian music industry.

Rumours of their split first broke in 2015 which was later put to rest by Peter.

By 2017, it became apparent that the twin brothers were no longer compatible. They would soon go their separate ways.

This did not, however, happen without the brothers dragging each other on social media.

From Instagram shade to Twitter slamming and even the viral video of the brothers almost exchanging blows at their lawyer’s office to insulting each other.

The Okoye brothers indeed made the headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2017.

Peter Okoye Claims He’s Making More Money As A Solo Artist