S3xual Misconduct: Woman Jailed For Performing Oral S3x. A woman who sneaked into a married man’s room, performed oral s3x on him as he slept has been convicted.

Marie Le-Mar, 38, was sentenced to three years and six months in jail for a string of offences after going n*ked and entering the victim’s bed, following a heavy drinking session on March 15 last year.

A court heard how the man, who was sleeping separately from his wife due to his snoring, woke up during the assault in the pitch black.

Prosecutor John Farmer told Amersham Law Courts, in Buckinghamshire: ‘He mistakenly thought it was his wife.

The defendant tried to pull him on top of her, plainly trying to engage in s3x but she fell off the bed. The realization came that this was not his wife.

‘He came to his senses as he was in a deep sleep, turned the light on and realised she was drunk and stark n*ked.’

The victim told his wife, who immediately called police. Before officers arrived, the court heard how Ms Le-Mar, who was spending a few nights away from her partner, threatened to ‘knock her f***ing teeth out.’

She heavily resisted arrest and assaulted a police officer at the scene, the court was told.

Body camera footage reportedly showed her kicking the officer in the chest with her bare foot. During questioning, Ms Le-Mar said she could not remember the events but later admitted to charges of causing a person to engage in s.e.xual activity without consent; s3xual assault; common assault; and assault of an emergency worker.

Judge Thomas Rochford said: ‘It is possible that the wife of the victim might have misunderstood what she saw which might have caused conflict between her and her husband. ‘You can imagine the interpretation. The impact on the victim and his wife is one of profound disappointment.’

Derek Johashen, defending, said Ms Le-Mar had had a very hard life and had never committed a sexual assault before. He said: ‘She has no s3xual attraction to this man, it is not something she would ever consider and she cannot explain why it is she decided to act in this way.

‘She is aged 38 years and she has not committed a sexual offence before, she is not a predator. ‘Over her lifetime it must be said she has had a very difficult time, starting when she was aged seven years.

She is somebody who comes by abusing alcohol or drugs, she uses it as a form of medication.

‘Her offending behaviour is because of her use of alcohol. In this particular offence she was very drunk, so much so that she fell from the bed.

S3xual Misconduct: Woman Jailed For Performing Oral S3x