Things Unhappy People Do In Relationships

While these are easy, obvious pointers to an unhappy partner, sometimes, it takes a whole lot of sensitivity for you to know when your man or woman is going through a gloomy patch.

When a partner checks out and no longer shows the level of emotional involvement they used to show before, you should be a little worried about them.

“You avoid your partner,” Dr. Klapow says of such partners. “You’re not arguing or appear mad, but rather you are doing more and more things on your own. You check in less with your partner, less discussion — you simply go at it alone.”

Allowing your partner enjoy private moments is very necessary. We couldn’t possibly speak more on the importance of maintaining individuality and cherishing ‘me time’ while in relationships. However, if there is more and more of this, it could be a telltale sign of unhappiness and could detrimental to the relationship.

“You may feel generally happy and are cordial to your partner but you just seem to be packing your schedule with more activities,” Dr. Klapow says. “It may be more work, more time with friends, or others, just more time without your partner.”

“When there feels to be a misfit, a distance that despite our efforts to come together is growing farther apart, it is possible that the relationship has indeed come to a point of no return,” Dr. Klapow explains


Things Unhappy People Do In Relationships