Trump Caught With Secret Bottle………….

Donald Trump was pictured drinking his beloved Diet Coke despite calling on supporters to boycott the brand over Georgia voting rights.

The ex-president was spotted with a bottle of his favourite soda sitting on his Mar-a-Lago desk in a tweet posted by his former adviser Stephen Miller.

It came just days after Mr Trump called for a boycott of Major League Baseball, Coke and Delta Airlines, who have all protested the new restrictive voting rights law in the state.

The new law, recently signed by Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp, includes new identification requirements for absentee ballots, limits the use of drop boxes and criminalises giving voters water or food as they wait in line.

It has been harshly criticised by Joe Biden and resulted in a string of lawsuits from civil rights groups.

Trump Caught With Secret Bottle………….

The Trump name has been licensed for various consumer products and services, including foodstuffs, apparel, adult learning courses, and home furnishings. According to an analysis by The Washington Post, there are more than fifty licensing or management deals involving Trump’s name, which have generated at least $59 million in yearly revenue for his companies. By 2018, only two consumer goods companies continued to license his name